Dr. Stott, Mr. Pepys and The Assassin’s Cloak: 24th November

Dr. Stott: (2014, Newport, Gwent).
Today is my birthday so a good enough reason to post. So far the day has been spent having breakfast in The Priory, Caerleon from an impressive refectory table. Cheeses, fruit and other delights were followed by traditional eggs and bacon, tea and toast and frost on the car for the first time this year. Then off to train a group of paediatricians, child psychiatrists, speech and language therapists on using the ADOS-2. Lots of birthday messages on Facebook, will soon be followed by dinner at The Priory. Splendid day. Garry gave me Heston Blumenthal’s “Historic Heston” Cookery Book for my birthday, so I am now planning interesting and decidely over-elaborate dishes to test out on family, firends and neighbours.  And Katze.

Mr Pepys: (1660, London).
To my Lord’s, where after I had done talking with him Mr. Townsend, Rumble, Blackburn, Creed and Sheply and I to the Rhenish winehouse, and there I did give them two quarts of Wormwood wine

The Assassin’s Cloak: Noel Coward (1963, Philadelphia).
The most horrible and incredible catastrophe. On Friday President Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas, by a young man of twenty-four called Oswald apparently. Oswald himself was shot this morning while he was being transferred from one prison to another. The whole country is in a state of deep shock.

The Assassin’s Cloak: Brian Cox (1990) 
Thiis has been an infamous week because on Thursday morning, ThanksgivingDay, Mrs. Thatcher resigned. It was a cause for great celebration by the company. 

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