5th November: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Dr Stott: (2014, Cambridge)

Fireworks outside and a crackling fire within. Plotting our own Lode treason for Saturday. There will be Black Peas in the pan, from cousin Jayne in Oldham, to be accompanied by Lancashire Hot Pot, Mrs. Booth’s Parkin, home made treacle toffee and some music.

Lode Sparklers





Mr Pepys: (1660, London)

“This 5 of November is observed exceeding well in the City and at night great bonfires and fireworks. At night Mr. Moore came and sat with me, another I took a book and he did instruct me in many law-notions, in which I took great pleasure. To bed.”

The Assassins Cloak: Sir Hugh Casson: (1980, Oxford)

“Sherry with the Society’s Officers in Merton, followed by dinner in hall. Oh the gloom of High Table, the black gowns, dark panelling, subdued cross-talk, but perhaps they are all happy enough.”

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